Is this a game?
Sort of. It's a level based riddle. You need to solve problems to reach the next level.

How does it work?
On each level you're presented with a problem. Most of the time it'll be a question that
needs to be answered.
Search for clues in the title, in the photos, in the source code, anywhere really*.

On many levels you'll need to google for information that will help you solve it.
When you've found the answer either 1. change the URL (in the address field) or 2.
enter the username and password in the authenticator field.
It's not a point and click riddle.

On lots of levels there's hidden "eggs", they're there to make it easier for you
so even if it's a Username/Password level, don't be afraid to alter the .htmlf file.

Does it work in all browsers?
It's optimized for Firefox so I strongly recommend using that.

Are you Felicia?

Is the game about you??
In short; it's a way for me to deal with some things. Like therapy.
Therapy for me... a fun and challenging time for you, hopefully.

Do I need to have the sound turned on? It's annoying!
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. (you can turn it off/on by clicking the speaker in the tab)
Make sure that you can hear the background music/sounds when starting out just to make
sure you can. You also need to allow autoplay for videomaterial to be sure you're not
missing important things.

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* Sometimes the answer can be found somewhere else completely. Somewhere online, but not necessarily on this site.